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Connor | Caitlin fills Technical Director post for Estron Chemical

Connor Caitlin has placed Dr. Fred Allen as Technical Director for Estron Chemical. The search was led by Michael Muczyk, Managing Partner and leader of the Specialty Coatings practice.

Dr. Fred Allen obtained his Ph.D. from Harvard University. To Estron Chemical, he brings 29 years of experience in Innovation Research as well as Research & Development leadership. Dr. Allen previously led technology teams for a $4.1 Billion global manufacturer of high performance coatings. Additionally, he has served as President to a manufacturer of commercialized self-healing anticorrosion formulations. Dr. Allen has also served as a consultant helping clients transform materials science and nonotechnology concepts into commercialized solutions.

For over 30 years, Estron additives and resins have been on the leading edge of innovations for coatings, Inks, and cosmetics manufacturers. With more than 100 proprietary offerings and growing, Estron is among the elite in their industry.

“When Estron’s long tenured and highly regarded Technical Director/Chief Science Officer began his transition to retirement, the President knew he had big shoes to fill,” said Mr. Muczyk. “He recognized that Estron needed much more than an R&D Director; he needed innovation and leadership to take the organization into the future. We knew successful completion of this project was critical as Estron Chemical is a prominent player in the global coatings industry. The additives they manufacture are the cornerstone of coatings innovation worldwide. Thus, the output of the Technical Director role potentially impacts the coatings industry on a global scale.“

Connor|Caitlin understands distinction in talent is at the core of a company’s business advantage. What you do different from the competition is the lifeblood of your company. Connor|Caitlin’s specialized focus on Coatings & Chemicals has led to recruitment of critical coatings positions for a number of global clients including Axalta Coating Systems, BASF, and Valspar Corporation.

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