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My first experience partnering with the team at Connor Caitlin has been very positive. The team is professional, responsive and they demonstrate a knowledge of the industry that is not easily found. I strongly recommend Connor Caitlin and I look forward to a long and productive relationship with them.

- Teresa Tarquino- Senior Recruiter
The Valspar Corporation


Connor | Caitlin demonstrates true knowledge of the coatings industry and are extremely well networked.  They also are great partners even on tough projects.

- Pam, Human Resource Manager, OEM Coatings,
Major Global Coatings Company


Connor | Caitlin and Mike Muczyk just hit a home run! They recruited the ideal Sales Leadership candidate for a hard to replace position and did so with speed and super efficiency. From the start, you know working with Connor | Caitlin is working with an organization who “gets it”. They do their homework up front, they combine their deep network with outstanding listening, thoughtful thinking, and a passion to serve their customer to make it happen. Connor | Caitlin’s process is very thorough and their success is based on a strong match for both the employer and new employee. They go the extra mile in vetting potential candidates which allows for a good culture match as well as top talent skills. After identifying on paper our ideal new employee, frankly and no reflection on Connor | Caitlin, I was skeptical. But the Connor | Caitlin team confidently and systematically went out and found not one but two candidates. Impressive!! Now, when I’m looking for the next top talent needed I’m calling Connor | Caitlin!

- Sandy Berg, CEO,
Ellis Paint Company

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