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Industry Expertise


A long history with the automotive industry has resulted in a deep network covering the wide arch of specialties contained within the automotive and automotive manufacturing sectors. Connor|Caitlin has a personal relationship with some of the highest impact leaders in the industries. They come to us because we have proven that we can utilize our experience and industry knowledge to deliver talent that will make the biggest difference in their company development.

Every search we agree to conduct is personal. We have built long-standing, industry-defining relationships, every one of them the result of quality service and a commitment to service few in our business can match. The Automotive Industry has seen its talent base shrink and has experienced a generational shift in recent years, but Connor|Caitlin continues to provide top tier leadership talent. We stay ahead of the markets, approaching, developing and guiding next-generation leaders where the need is greatest.

The face of the industry is changing and we are the adaptive flexible firm you need to change with it. Our reputation speaks for itself, but if you need any more proof we can and will provide it.

Developing executive leadership that fits your company is our specialty. Help us exceed your expectations.