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May 22 / EBooks / Michael Muczyk

Coating Insights

Impact on the Coatings Industry

In our first issue, the partners of Connor|Caitlin discussed with Kirk the perceived stagnation of organic growth within our industry and how many companies, including Hentzen, have addressed this. Kirk gave us a peek into Hentzen’s secret sauce surrounding talent, the premium they place on technical competencies with the balance of cultural fit in their effort to grow their workforce. Hentzen is not shy about empowerment and creating an environment that encourages innovation as a major factor in the success of the company. Finally, Kirk highlighted some of the challenges and solutions that face our industry and the thoughtfulness that Hentzen takes to develop their people especially with the anticipated exodus of leaders due to retirement and what might some view as a shallow pipeline of incoming ‘A’ players, acknowledging that great companies like Hentzen take much of the burden towards career mapping and development for their associates “in-house” to continue to create the best possible team………

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